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Get free web design and amazing website packages

Webtech Industries will simplify the website design process and give you an affordable website. We’ll give you a professional, unique website, designed for your company. We don't use templates - every website is unique. We use our experience, passion and talent to give you the best that the web can offer. From small starter websites to full on professional web systems. We do websites in South Africa and internationally.

What type of a website do you need?

  • Do you need a static website that does not not change much and you don't update at all?
    You need our R150 Foundation Package, which will give you professional website design, 5 pages and SEO.

  • Do you need to have catalogue or brochure of your products, services, prices or specials that you would like to update on your website? Do you want a page that is programmed for you to upload or change content on your website?
    You need our R200 Lift-off package. We will then programme a page that does what you want - upload pictures, information etc. You can maintain a catalogue, brochure, album yourself, on your website, as often as you want.

  • Do you need a customised business website with customised web applications, where you can
    manage your own catalogue of products, upload images, prices etc.? Would you like a dating site, car sales site, accommodation or property web system built? We have a unique business package which will cost you nothing upfront to develop customised dynamic pages. You pay only R50 per month per page, Business package, for custom developed pages!

Why do you need a website?

- a website establishes your identity and your presence on the web
- a website makes your services easily available for the growing number of web users
- websites complement your existing marketing and advertising
- grow your credibilty with a website design that is professional
- a website enhances your company branding
- reference website for company information
- your website acts as a 24 hour reception, sales person, marketer, support desk
- attract more customers using your website

Who will see my website?

It's of no use having a website that no one will find - we will do free search engine submission and SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure that we get your website on the first few pages of the major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. We will give you regular reports to let you know how your website is doing on search engines. SEO ensures that people find you on Google, Yahoo and Bing and drives traffic to your website. Don't get a website without SEO.


Getting a website is not expensive or difficult with us. We simplify the process for you. Easy consultations and quick turnaround will take the guesswork out of getting your website done. Let us handle everything. We have clients in South Africa, Gauteng,Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, KZN, Durban and internationally.

We do:

- website design
- website development
- search engine submission
- search engine optimisation (SEO)
- hosting
- domain registration

Webtech has the experience and the skill to build you the smallest brochure website to the a large scale web system.

We do more than web design, we do full web development.

If you need a complex website built, such as an auction site, dating site, accommodation site, car sales site - we can do it for you, using the latest technologies.

Why should you get a website with Webtech Industries?

- web design is free
- we have website packages, this eliminates uncertainty around quotes for your website, webdesign and hosting
- we simplify the process of getting your website, contact us and we will take you through the simple process
- we do your SEO as well as your web design
- we provide packages for web development so you need not only have a static website, we can programme
- Webtech believes that everyone should have an affordable professional website


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